Thursday, January 08, 2009

Crowding the World

Never thought I want
The infinite to dream
A heavy casualty of the future
And your hands know
That I write the dance
Without the colors of the sky

At least it's the snow of pilgrims
And its fingers and the foreign sunsets
Your movements are in my head
Crowding the world to sleep
What happened is this moment is dirt
In their shoes to go and in my head
I am born and the future
Or a refracting through a few days ago
A film trailer to stone the dead

How that feeling of ashes
Time is the snakes in a snow
Will be there with sunsets for me
The sky would have a tale
To separate the writers writing this convoy of flame
On wings of sands
The wind, the city, secret faces
The situation carries frosty shadows
The fog lingers until the same phrase
The combustion of the good people
Crowded world ended a snow
To please the future
This, now, a diamond, the city

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